This is sooo easy:  Go under “Recent Posts” on the right side to find something of interest.  Over there ——–>  Or to “Categories” underneath it.  Click.  Voila!  Something of interest appears.  Read my post.  Or not.  Scroll below the text to see images.   Click on an image to view the entire gallery in large size.  Click arrow buttons in the gallery on the right or left side to work your way through.  Say “oooh”, “aaaah”.  Repeat as necessary.  To exit the gallery, click on the “x” in the upper left hand corner of the gallery.  Come back another time and do it again.


2 thoughts on “NAVIGATION

  1. Dan,
    Thank you for the fall pre-show. Next week we will explore our local highlands to see if we can detect some early color changes though we know it will never be as overwhelming as in NW Wyoming…



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