The central part of Chile enjoys the same latitude south of the equator as dreamy spots like Carmel, Malibu and the Mediterranean have north of it.  As a consequence, the weather is predictably gorgeous.  As the crow flies, the coast is just a few hours from our perch in the foothills of the Andes, great for a weekend getaway.

Horcon is north of the bustle of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar, and is heavenly.  Although nothing is the same as California’s Highway 1, you can’t help but see the similarities:  Coastal hills covered with golden grasses, towering pines, and rocky cliffs above the deep blue Pacific.  Here though, instead of the majestic oaks of California, are the equally impressive forests of eucalyptus.

From our casita on the hillside, we made our way to the shore and discovered worlds of life in the granite tidal pools.  On our approach, in the air we saw pelican fleets, cormorant squadrons, and of course, gulls.  Closer to the rock we spied otters diving in to play in the kelp.  Within watery enclaves of various sizes we saw fish, crabs, and urchins.  Invisible to us, but no doubt present were the small and even microscopic critters that are at the foundation of what we know as life on earth.

The powerful waves, uninterrupted for thousands and thousands of miles, made landfall with a wonderfully deafening consistency that lent itself to meditating on the origins not only of this particular place, but on the beginnings of this little planet we all share.



2 thoughts on “HORCON, CHILE

  1. Hi it was lovely to hear from you.So pleased things are going well in Chile,it looks lovely from your photos. Gearing up for a busy day tomorrow with 18 of us here for Christmas dinner.!! it will be chaos with 8 children and 2 dogs as well as the so called grown ups.! I am going back to Nepal next year probably in October or November.I will be spending 3 weeks at a school I have got involved with.Really looking forward to going back.Will probably finish off with a week in India,I do miss the craziness of India. I hope you are both keeping well and you have a happy Christmas ( if you do Christmas ).Best wishes for a peaceful,joyous,healthy and fun 2016. Much love Sue xx

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